Use cases

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Some typical scenarios for first time users. These scenarios can be helpful also for advanced users:


Scenario 1.

If you are not part of any collaboration that have a specific Virtual Organization to analyse the data required for the research. If you are somehow affiliated with any Hungarian institute, you can join Hungrid VO. For further information, please visit the Hungrid VO.


Scenario 2.

If you already part of any VO, please contact your site administrator(at RMKI here) for further information. NGI-HU supports ALICE, CMS and VIRGO VOs.


Scenario 3.

If you are lost in learning to use the different kind of grid middlewares or you don't want to learn programming methodologies for different
parallel and distributed platforms, learn more about P-GRADE. It provides a unique and complete solution for development and
execution of parallel applications on supercomputers, clusters, and Grid
systems. P-GRADE's high-level graphical environment was designed so
that the users need not learn programming methodologies for different
parallel and distributed platforms; the same environment is applicable
for traditional supercomputers, PC clusters, or new Grid solutions
(based on either Globus or Condor) to utilise transparently all the
available computational resources.


Scenario 4.

If you wish to reuse your idle computing resources and capacity or wish to easily gain significant processing
power for all of your computing intensive applications via volunteer computing, visit the SZTAKI Desktop Grid. Desktop grids allow vast number of
single PCs to be connected in a grid-like system, adding up their processing power.

The SZTAKI Desktop Grid and its applications are partly supported by the IDGF-SP projects.


Scenario 5.

If you already have a legacy application that you wish to port onto grid infrastructures, please contact the Grid Application Support Center (GASuC). GASuC helps identify and apply best patterns, practices, tools and
infrastructures in order to get your code running on production grids as
soon as possible.

GASuC experts analyze your legacy program as well as the requirements
and with your active participation they elaborate the most suitable way
of porting the code onto the Grid.






Last modified 21 January 2015